How do I clean and care for my Table Bar product?

The most common question of all, and rightfully so! We create our furniture to require minimal care so you
can put more energy into building your community than worrying about cleaning you TBAR goods.


We use matte Furniture Finish created by our friends over at Walrus Oil (check out SHOP tab to find more of their products) on all of our tables and desks. These products are free of dyes and added dryers, which can cause yellowing in the wood, and are completely natural and vegan-friendly. Because of this, cleaning your table is easy! Just dust with a damp rag and wipe up any spills  using mild soap and warm water. Avoid oil-, bleach-, or silicone-based cleaners.


Avoid aggressive scrubbing, prolonged moisture contact and no setting of hot items directly on the surface.


We also advise using two (or more) strong humans to move large pieces of furniture safely. This way you can avoid scratching your floors or crushing any toes. 


Food-Safe and free of toxins and synthetics, we cover our boards with Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil that will leave
your cutting board "with a silky smooth finish, rich color, and a little shine." This stuff locks in the beautiful natural wood tones while simultaneously repelling water and food particles. To clean, hand wash only with mild soap and
warm water then pat dry. 

To ensure the avoidance of cross-contamination, we advise that you don't cut both meats and produce on the same board.

What's your typical
lead time?


This can depend on what your order consists of, when your "requested" due date was in your original order form, and how many orders fall before yours.

Typically, our larger projects run between about 6-8 weeks. Smaller projects, such as cutting boards or serving trays can be finished and shipped in 2-3 weeks.

We do want to express how much we have appreciated all of our past client's patience with our process so far! We're only a two-person business right now, so we really love that people have given us so much grace – we promise we're doing our best to get things out the door as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, quality trumps timing, so
if there is a hold up, it's only because we want to ensure you're getting the very best product from us.

Is sunlight bad for my table?


We do recommend keeping your table as far out of direct sunlight as possible to avoid fading, especially within the first year after production. If this isn't possible, try adjusting blinds or curtains during hours of intense sunlight. It may also be helpful to occasionally rearrange table decor to eliminate the possibility of fading happening around objects (Christmas is great and all but no one really wants a wreath-shaped circle burned into their table forever).

Am I able to pick up in-store?

If you're looking for ways to save a little extra money, you're welcome to come by our location and pick up your Table Bar product in-store. We do ask that you schedule a time for pick up so that A) we can make sure that we're actually at the shop when come by and B) we prep your product for the trip home.


Email and use the subject line, "order pick up" to schedule a time.

Also, for the love of woodworking, bring a vehicle large enough to fit your table/desk/bench/etc., PLUS yourself/your crew comfortably (and as legally as possible). 

Where do you source your wood from?


We know a guy.


No but seriously, we primarily source our wood from our friend Marcus over at Ohio Wood Connections in Mason, Ohio. He has an incredible assortment of pieces and a heck of a lot of passion and knowledge for woodworking.


Give Marcus a call at 513-581-0361 to set up an appointment to check out his shop if you're in need of wood for your own projects. 

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